(Rachael Riannon Clarity)
Char vulgarity
"Let us FROLIC in ADULTERY!!!"
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - unicorn
Cutie mark Cm-vulgarity
Address @PrittyGross
Player DracoHandsome

Vulgarity, or Rachael Riannon Clarity, is a well-to-do dominatrix and the Nequestrian equivalent of Rarity.

Vulgarity is the proprietor of Leather & Lace, a clothing store on the corner of Blood St. and Boil Ave. in the Nequestrian Canterlot. She specializes in darker, Gothic clothing, especially frilly lingerie and sexually orientated costumes, and runs a BDSM dungeon in the shop basement.

She is also an agent of Dusk Recon Exoneration & Assault Detail (DREAD), a ninja-like black ops group serving the reigning Princess or Queen. Her skills revolve primarily around recon, stealth, and sniping, as she has a fine eye for detail and finesse.

True to her name, Vulgarity occasionally has spells of poor temper manifesting themselves in swearing and overly detailed sexual speech, though she is normally a near-perfect lady and detests any such language.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Vulgarity's backstory has not really been explored as it must be done with cooperation of Creepy Belle's player, who didn't interact with Vulgarity much and disappeared before any real story building was done.

She blames herself for her sister's turning to Eldritch summoning, claiming that her own selfishness and inconsideration led her sister to feel neglected and ignored and to turn to the dark path for companionship.

Vulgarity was recruited into DREAD by a Japanese mare named Miraizou Kourei. The two of them became quite close and Vulgarity developed a fondness for Japan.

The War Edit

When Molestia went insane, Nequestria split into those who supported her student Dusk Gleam's rebellion and those who remained loyal to the Princess.

This included DREAD. Vulgarity took Dusk's side, but her master remained with the Princess. Sadly, Vulgarity's mentor perished in the war, though she was not the one to kill her.

During the war, Vulgarity cooperated extensively with Orangejack, who led Dusk's primary military. The two of them did not get along well, particularly as Orangejack was a compulsive liar, but maintained a shaky trust for the sake of watching each other's backs.

After the war, Dusk appointed Vulgarity as her messenger to the organization.

Invasion of Equestria Edit

Vulgarity first appeared with the invasion of Equestria by Nequestria, a boastful show orchestrated by Dusk Gleam and composed of extensive villain roleplay and little practicality. This meant that DREAD was not formally involved.

Vulgarity's contribution to the invasion was to capture Spitfire, contain her in a hidden base in the mountains near Canterlot, and force her to watch G1 pony recordings until she pissed herself. Spitfire was rescued by Soarin' with the guidance of Owlowiscious and escaped under fire from Shuttershy, who had been given a flashy but harmless fusion cannon by Dusk and whose aim was terrible.

After this happened, Vulgarity discarded the hideous outfit she was wearing and refused to go near it again. She also began to develop a distaste for her dominatrix role and became far more casual and friendly when approached personally.

The Man in the Suit Edit

Krillin is important to this section too, and Vulgarity got involved near the end, but I've blocked all memory of him. I will update this section to have his story later when I am willing to face my nightmares.

That prick Jake Smith showed up, to investigate the interaction of Equestria and Nequestria. He shot a few guys and said a few arrogant things and almost killed Krillin (who was possessed by an Eldritch at the time.) Afterward, he took Orangejack and Vulgarity out for a drink.

Being a bit of a pervert and, on rare occasions, actually decent with the ladies, he acquired the temporary affections of Dusk and Vulgarity. He was, however, interested in Orangejack, who displayed affection but was actually interested only in his immortality (obviously this was kept secret at the time.)

Vulgarity watched this relationship fondly and started to develop a seeming friendship with Orangejack, who at the time was only utilizing it for leverage for her compulsive lying. She was intrigued by the gossip potential when the two of them had sex (Jake had acquired a male pony form, over which Vulgarity and Orangejack exchanged a few teasing jokes.) Vulgarity's spy cameras recorded this, and their awkward performance was prime comedy material immediately.

They were surprisingly okay with this invasion of privacy and asked her if she was interested in aiding them in their sexual expertise. It was revealed then that Vulgarity had never had direct sexual contact with her dungeon clients, only beaning them with various painful weapons - she was afraid to make it personal and not business, and showed her true, more vulnerable personality at this point. Jake and Orangejack were very understanding and supportive.

One day, Orangejack seemed to go just a little bit mad, and almost executed herself with a gun. Jake, being a bit loco himself, found this cute or attractive and calmly disarmed her and asked what was bothering her. She said she had been keeping a terrible lie from him, and that he would hate her, and when pressed, said that she had actually given Jake one of Dusk's (at the time primitive) robot clones of herself during sex, not really her. Jake was understandably disappointed, but not terribly hurt - it seemed relatively mild.

Dusk didn't buy into that and eventually clued Vulgarity in on how odd it was for Orangejack to be so upset about such a mild problem. Vulgarity's OCD triggered and she thought about it.

Orangejack approached Vulgarity to talk, admitting that she was starting to feel affection for her and guilt for lying to her, and Vulgarity was clever enough to unravel part of the truth - Orangejack had been forced to make up the robot sex story because she had to admit a lie or another and she didn't want to admit the real one. But she did not have enough to discover the entire truth, and she gave Orangejack her unwavering support in admitting everything to Jake herself.

She did. Orangejack told Jake the truth - that she had been chasing his immortality. He was stunned, punched Orangejack in the face and was taken away by Silkie to get drunk.

The next four or five times he saw Orangejack he sort of cried all over her and Vulgarity for an hour or two.

Redemption Edit

Orangejack began to realize she had romantic feelings for Vulgarity, who was still lingering in her affections for Jake at the time (his complete ineptitude at treating her properly was part of why this faded.)

Being rather obtuse, Orangejack decided to not only be Vulgarity's secret admirer (firing a second letter through her window when she said "Whoever wrote this isn't very good" to the first one) but also to help her figure out who it was as part of her cover, unable to stop herself from lying for its own sake. This meant that Vulgarity was convinced that Jake (whose burly, awkward, manly, stupid behavior fit the bill) was her admirer.

Vulgarity soon said goodnight to Orangejack and headed to bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow everything flew together, and she realized that Orangejack had been -very- flattering of every item the admirer had given her, and had arrived at the scene almost immediately after the second letter had been delivered.

She immediately called Orangejack back to her house, coaxed the truth out of her, and convinced her to spend the night with her (innocently as she was still afraid of sexual contact.) Over the next few days, Vulgarity soon found herself falling in love with her too, which significantly fueled her already existing desire to help Orangejack recover from her liar complex.

The Black Mare Edit

I can't type a big long paragraph for this so Vulgarity and Orangejack got hermaphrodite forms from an anon and Vulgarity fucked Jackie silly. That's female pony Jake.

Orangejack was pretty hurt by that but forgave her very quickly, although Vulgarity felt really really miserable.

Exodus Edit

Consumed with self-loathing, but not wishing to really end it all, Vulgarity stole a biobot of herself from Dusk's laboratory, created a traveling gypsy outfit and persona for herself named "Serenity", and utilized the biobot to create a fake and graphic corpse in her bedroom. She then fled, stumbling and bashing into a large floor urn on her way out.

Gaining a lead from the distraction of solving the "murder", Vulgarity traveled the world hoping that her experiences may help her to round out her personality and become a better person, as well as give her time to think herself over, by the time she had the courage to return home and face the scorn of her loved ones for her deception.

Soon enough, Dusk was able to figure out that Vulgarity had faked her own murder, partially due to the floor urn having some of her hair and blood on it. She was very understanding and knew Vulgarity would come back home when she was ready.

Vulgarity's wit and charm allowed her to become the leader of a gang in a small Japanese town, which allowed Shuttershy to retrieve her entirely through luck by accidentally offending said gang and being brought to see her.

On her return, Orangejack held her tight and did not scold her. Fuck if I remember what crazy Jake did but I recall it basically being "VULGY Y U DO DIS".

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