The original design for the button

A Universal Reset Button is an emergency device that is used to retcon or cancel a storylet or plot device, or in extreme cases, characters and whole worlds. It can only be activated by several muns in agreement, of course, and is similar to nuclear weaponry that attacks roleplays.

In-character, however, it can be used by just about anyone who has such an emergency, and is such a favorite of Alyx's that her Luna once pressed an URB presented to her by Dusk before she was told what it did.

Universal Reset Buttons do not affect Pinkie Pie, but she will play along unless the memory becomes pertinent.

Examples of use Edit

  • Luna (Alyx) cancelled her relationship with Trixie when the original player became inactive.
  • Applejack (Ceets) obliterated Firefly from existence and cancelled her relationship / marriage to Rainbow Dash. Only Rainbow and Pinkie remembered Firefly ever existed. Jake remembered, but didn't really care.
  • Nightmare Moon (Alyx) attempted to remove Nyx from memory, and then an anon tried to restore the memory. However, nobody remembered Nyx anyway. However, Rarity, and Star Sparker remembered Nyx.
  • Dusk Gleam (DracoHandsome), cooperating with Celestia (Ceets) and Luna, made any and all citizens of Equestria and Nequestria immune to heat, musth, or other similar effects.
  • Turbostud utilized the URB to modify many comical and trivial aspects of the character's past lives, such as "Jake Smith never embarrassed himself by dancing like a white boy in high school".

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