Twilight Sparkle
Spike, these books are cold!
Universe Equestria
Canon Canon
Sex Female
Species Pony - unicorn
Cutie mark Cm-twilight sparkle
Address @Twilightspackle
Player Beard

Twilight Sparkle is possibly the mainest of the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Twilight is the personal student of Princess Celestia, and as such constantly pushes herself to excel in all possible areas of the academic pursuits, especially now that she is in Ponyville and separated from Canterlot University.

At times sarcastic and at times clueless, Twilight is excellent to have around when one needs an encyclopedia or a dictionary, but not so excellent when one wishes to have a less technical conversation, and constantly fumbles anything even remotely resembling sweetness or romance.

Although she occasionally saves the town or the entire world from threats of unfathomable evil and darkness, Twilight shall forever be known as the greasy-haired nerd who runs the library.

Based on the actions of some anonymous users, it appears she has recurring daydreams of Applejack ordering her to get her rope, among other things.

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