"So are you Dave Strider from Homestuck or something?" HotDiggedyDemon

Feel free to put your thoughts on him here.

The Greatest Idiot ever who occasionaly annoy's the crap out of the Ponies and the muns that play them, Also a source of bad comedy ~The Dutch Guy

He's kinda stupid now. Oh wait, he's always been stupid-WHOOPS, DID I JUST SAY /THAT/ OUT LOUD!?!? The British Guy

One of my half-sisters actualy has some serious mental problems because of an anaesthetic shot that was miscalculated. Anyway point is that she can barely function in the outside world but I still find her smarter, funnier and better company than Cyanide! I did however enjoy mocking him to Jake as an anon Turbomeister

Out of all the stupid fucking rotten cunts who bother Dusk Gleam all day, every day, it is not Blaze, not the Homestuck trolls, not the random Invader Zim accounts and Transformers and talking snakes and fat buttery women; Cyanide is the only one I blocked. --- The Man

He thinks he is all the trolololols, but is indeed a newfag. He is, in fact, the pinnacle of newfaggotry.

Don't forget the Sonifags, Draco! Jakeinator 22:20, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

Why can't this guy leave me alone?---Seth

And the oc's, Jake.

thanks a lot jake i had almost forgotten the sonifags until YOU had to open your fingers --- The Man

He somehow plays a homosexual too well. 22:48, September 1, 2011 (UTC)Seth

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