Strong Bad
Strong Bad's average Saturday.
Universe Not given
Sex Male
Species Not given - human
Player Jakeinator

Strong Bad is a fictional character from the SBEmail flash cartoon series hosted on By some divine prank, he's here with the ponies, and serving under Jake and Loony as their Royal Guard. Pays good since he's the only employee.

Strong Bad bears a remarkable resemblance to members of a similarly-named team from an old wrestling game.

Mercenary LifeEdit

Strong Bad, ala Gameboy-in-a-Blender Universal Traveling Device, found himself in The Multiverse. It's chaotic nature and cool gimmicks made him think this was a nice place to stay for a while. There he met Jake at The Dead Pool bar where the two quickly became friends after getting drunk and pissing off the Constables, and Strong Bad became the first member of the Multiversal Mercenaries. His combat prowess expanded, getting a real Nunchuck Gun and keeping the Trog-Sword, he also learned how to become a Music Mage (some would call it a bard, but that's not cool enough.) where he can do some pretty cool stuff by just playing the guitar. You ever play Brutal Legend? Yeah, that was what he was going for.

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