Spitfire (Draco)
(Alouette Lisette Crachefeu)
Careful. That's her rape face.
Universe Equestria
Canon Improvised
Sex Female
Species Pony - pegasus
Cutie mark 80px
Address @Wonderblaze
Player Draco

Spitfire, or Alouette Lisette Crachefeu, is a pegasus and team captain of the Wonderbolts.

Spitfire is a notorious former drunkard and oversexed "lesbian" - although she is actually bisexual - who moved to Ponyville in the hopes that clean country air and a less chaotic life may help her fix both problems.

Abuse from her father when she was young gave Spitfire a phobia of males, giving her mild discomfort at a range, nervousness at a few feet, and panic if she is touched. This has diminished over time and does not apply to Soarin', a childhood friend of hers who she trusts completely.

Despite her reputation, Spitfire is mellow and kind, and very friendly. ... Especially with the girls.

History Edit

Past Edit

I'm not sure exactly where to incorporate Soarin'; I don't want to be too overbearing on any Soarin' players. -DracoHandsome

Spitfire was raised in the ghettos of Cloudsdale by a timid Italian mother and a violent French father. Tired of the constant abuse, Spitfire threatened her father with a gun (but didn't shoot him) and fled the house, at which point her father promptly sought help to get her back.

The Wonderbolts got involved and were extremely impressed by the young girl's speed and evasion abilities, which admittedly were boosted by her fear of returning home. Her panicked behavior when she was finally caught convinced the Wonderbolts to call in the proper authorities, ultimately allowing Spitfire and her mother to legally escape her father's wrath.

A few years later, Spitfire nervously broke away from her self-imposed social isolation and applied for the Wonderbolts, who remembered her performance from the past and were pleased to see from her display that she had only improved since then. She was accepted readily and began to recover from her shyness and improve her confidence.

However, with the exception of Soarin', Spitfire still held an intense phobia of males, manifesting as an anxiety with proximity and a full-scale panic on contact, especially unexpected contact. This became a particular problem when dealing with rowdy Wonderbolts fans.

This fear of males left Spitfire feeling lonely. In her desperation, she began to... "court" females, seeking companionship, but could not be satisfied with such an artificial replacement for a stable romantic relationship.

Despite her vulnerability and fears, Spitfire displayed courage and strength, and was eventually promoted to team captain when the previous captain stepped down.

Shortly after that time, it seemed that the Wonderbolts began to deteriorate in popularity. Becoming depressed again, and suffering some relapses and vivid memories of her past, Spitfire took up drinking, which only worsened her womanizing problems.

By some stroke of luck, her life was saved at the Young Flyer Competition by a spunky girl named Rainbow Dash, who lived in a lovely little town called Ponyville...

Present Edit

Spitfire hauled her trailer to Ponyville, hoping that a change of pace and some clean country air would help her to kick her bad habits and get her life back. And at the very least, she immediately found herself drinking far less often.

Although her arrival was accompanied with a bit of a problem with one of the Rainbows - a, er, sexual problem - Spitfire was eventually able to gain control of her urges and begin to accept and face her phobia of men.

... And then Soarin' decided to start avoiding her.

Impatient and worried, she stormed into his house and found him stuffing his face, a habit of his when facing stress or anxiety. Her heartfelt plea coaxed him into admitting that he had always had a romantic attraction to her, but never told her because he didn't want her to be afraid of him.

Spitfire told him she could never be afraid of her old friend, and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving, and soon realized she might have felt the same way for him.

Over time, he avoided her more and more, until he disappeared completely while she struggled with the question. Spitfire could hardly bear the thought that her most trusted friend could have abandoned her. She kept a brave face while wondering how much longer she could go on.

Although she had made friends - Lyra, Bonbon, Colgate - she felt guilty for her attraction to them and wondered if she could ever be a real friend to them. She knew it would never be as deep of a trust as between her and Soarin'.

Then a little Nequestrian thing named Trixie showed up.

Spitfire had always had a soft spot for the cute ones, but Trixie was different. There was no one-night fling; they opened their hearts to one another and began to trust each other. Spitfire did not press her romantically, but one day they went ahead and did it. Yeah, that. That thing Jake likes to talk about a lot.

... But then Spitfire made the mistake of allowing Dusk Gleam to drag her away for upwards of 3 weeks playing online video games.

And while she was gone, the weight of Trixie's past drove her to mutilate herself. She fell into a coma, and during Jake's cursory investigation, he assumed she was dead ('cause she looked pretty dead.)

When a conversation with Dusk opened the possibility Trixie may still have been alive, Dusk immediately ran to her and did what she could. Spitfire ran to Trixie's side and did not leave until she awoke and could walk again.

And although she may be anywhere else in the world, Spitfire will always be by Trixie's side.

Gallery Edit

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