Char skywind
Universe Not given
Sex Male
Species Not given - pegasus
Address @RainbowsNotAFag
Player DracoHandsome

Skywind is a loopy pegasus with an affection for Rainbow Dash.

In his original incarnation, he was a would-be smooth-talker with a penchant for French terminology and obsessively hunted the Rainbow Dashes, both of whom were total lesbos. He was rather unhappy.

He reverted to a goofy, happy-go-lucky, clueless dumbo and had some unpleasant run-ins with Jake (who utilized Applejack's relation to Orangejack as an excuse to go Guns Akimbo) and various other connections of Rainbow Dash's.

Oh, and he was sort of frightened by Prism Dash and blew his alpine horn in her face, perhaps an unwise move if she had not vanished soon after this.

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