Shooting Star
(Astraea Esther Sparkle)
She's six or seven, I think?
Universe Not given
Sex Female
Species Not given - unicorn
Address @Shootingseth
Player Seth/Shades


Shooting Star is a unicorn and one of two daughters of Dusk Gleam and Rainbow Dash.

She is a complete video game nerd. However, some of the games she plays seems to get her in trouble at home. She owns a teddy bear named George.


Shooting Star is brash and a bit rebellious, like Rainbow. However, she is not as mean to Firefly as her older sister is. She often is a softy, but she only shows this to her parents, or sometimes her older sister Aurora. Despite how silly and stupid she acts, she is actually very smart. She is actually almost smarter than her sister, however, she lacks in strength which leads to her getting bullied.

Name issue Edit

Shooting Star would have been named the more fitting Aurora, but her older pegasus sister took that as Dusk insisted on giving her first-born that name. As such, their names are "backwards", as Dusk had hoped for Aurora to be a unicorn name and Shooting Star to be a pegasus name but was thwarted by the irony of fate. (Please do not sing that song.)

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