(Guido Talione Luiza or some shit)
Char scootaloo (nequestrian)
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Male
Species Pony - pegasus
Cutie mark 80px
Address @Scootavenger
Player Tokoshoran

Scootaloo is the Nequestrian counterpart of the same pony from Equestria. Born on February 23rd.

Unlike the original, this Scootaloo is male. He is also a cyborg due to Dusk Gleam's rebuilding him after Prism Dash attempted to murder him.

Prism and Scootaloo later made up, made out, and made babies.

Important dates Edit

February 23: Birthday

October 13, 2011: Engaged to Prism Dash.

Nobember 15, 2011: Married to Prism.

Happy stallion-tux

Scootaloo in a tuxedo.

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