This is a character disambiguation page.
This character is played on more than one account by separate people.
(Rachael Riannon Clarity)
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Cutie mark Cm-rarity
Addresses PrittyPony by Jake
MagicalDiamonds (Ember)
RarityMLP (FoReallz)
LilMissRarity (Nico)
Filly Rarity (Jade)

Rarity is the best character by a nautical mile in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is simply divine, don't you know.

Elegant and classy, Rarity is normally very polite and kind, but has a poor temper and will often devolve into a surprisingly childish temper tantrum at minor provocation. Ironically, she has shown the capability to remain very aware and resourceful during times of horrifying crisis without losing her head.

When playing Rarity, you must speak fluently and slightly posh - but not so posh you sound like Twilight with a thesaurus - and defiantly definitely can't afford to make typos JAKE. One must be very careful to balance Rarity's calm, confident demeanor with her intimidating and frightening outbursts and her occasional rants about how ugly she believes herself to be at the moment.

Adding vulnerabilities or fears that Rarity keeps well-hidden and can control in a tight spot will help to strengthen her character.

Finally, if Rarity is upset, make sure you are answering, not asking, to have the most room possible for her temper tantrums.

Also, if you wish to emphasize Rarity's dislike of green, feel free to trade blows with Vulgarity, who is a cruder, green parody of Rarity.

Gallery Edit

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