This is a character disambiguation page.
This character is played on more than one account by separate people.
Rainbow Dash
Race Pegasus
Sex Female
Cutie mark Cm-rainbow dash
Addresses Rainbow by Saber
Rainbow by Seth
99AGIPony (Draco)
Rainbow Mira (Mira)
SlutBowDash (???)

Rainbow Dash is a headstrong blue pegasus, DANGEROUSLY bulldyke in design, and one of the most overrated characters there is in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where she is literally Sonic as a pony. Fortunately this is Formspring and most of us make her better.

When playing Rainbow Dash, all you really have to go on is that she's aggressive as hell, most likely due to an inferiority complex or a fear of failure or rejection; she suffered severe stage fright when she was given her big chance.

Perhaps to support her image of bravado, Rainbow is remarkably insensitive and at times cruel. She is willing to take pranks considerably further than Pinkie is - she is willing to prank Fluttershy while Pinkie is not, and during Nightmare Night assaulted several ponies with lightning bolts, including at least one instance that resulted in Luna looking really really cruel.

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