Prism Dash
I could decapitate all those mimes in 10. Seconds. Flat.
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - pegasus
Cutie mark Cm-prism dash
Address @PrismDash
Player Seth

Prism Dash is a former hateful murderer, and the Nequestrian counterpart of Rainbow Dash.

Her reappearance has shown her bitchy personality to be quite compatible with Seth, who some say is too much of a dummy to catch onto that.

Important DatesEdit

January 31: Birthday

September 29, 2011: Gave birth to Jay

October 13, 2011: Scootaloo proposed to her and she accepted.

November 15, 2011: The wedding between her and Scootaloo took place.

Gallery Edit

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