Princess Cynthia Smith
Tool Jr., age 10.
Universe Not given
Sex Female
Species Not given - winged unicorn
Address @ponyTrickster
Player The Brit

Princess Cynthia Smith is the daughter of Jake Smith and Princess Loony.

Unlike most children from the future, Cynthia seems to understand the time system and is quite keen and knowledgeable on her trip. She is also much more mischievous and prone to playing pranks on others. However, she is afraid of the future Dusk Gleam, who is bitter and known for abusing Firefly - Cynthia may be at least partially responsible for this bitterness.

Cynthia has hinted that someone may or may not die in the next 10 years.

Personality Edit

Being an immortal "alicorn" and perhaps a bit of a spoiled princess, Cynthia is mischievous and occasionally a bit airy, fond of taunting those around her and pulling pranks on them almost indiscriminately. Although she is still young, she has zealously leapt upon her magic potential and utilizes it for all sorts of small gimmicky tricks reminiscent of the Equestrian Trixie.

From her mother, Cynthia has adopted the giggle that only a parent could love, and the sickening sweetness and cheer with which she assaults each day, both of which are infuriating to her self-appointed arch-rival Aurora.

Other than Aurora and Dusk Gleam, Cynthia tends to take a liking to her victims, regardless of their response to her antics.

The disgustingly ignorantly happy faux persona tends to disperse when things get a bit serious, similar to her mother.

Story Edit

Self-Fulfilling Edit

Shortly after Firefly's arrival in the past, Cynthia's 10yo. self travelled back in time to speak to her parents and convince them to actually have her. She played a few pranks while she was there and then returned home to continue irritating Aurora and Astraea, becayse that's how shit get's done when your a trickster.

Birth Edit

I'm not sure what to write here yet. So I put my usual style of placeholder. ~The Man~

Cynthia as Tool Jr.

Pinkie helped. Some guy from Oasis handed her a spare pair of shades. The shit and the hook finally made up (Cynthia is shit and she's hooked on being a tool, ho ho ho!)

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