The maie cast next to a couple of houses in Ponyville.

Home of the Mane Six (Seven) characters, this town is the primary location of both the show and the roleplay. For a small, mostly agricultural town, it sure sees its share of problems. Of course, being built on the edge of the Everfree Forest might just have something to do with that.

Areas of InterestEdit

Twilight's TreebraryEdit

Home to the Primary Protaganist Pony, Twilight Sparkle, along with her #1 assistant Spike, this hollow tree is also home to a family of elves that bake delicious cookies most of the books in Ponyville, and probably some that don't belong there at all.

Take care not to upset the books when in there. Spike works hard reshelving them, and you don't want to make the Element of Magic angry, do you?

Sweet Apple AcresEdit

A farm that lives up to its name, this sprawling orchard is the home of Big Macintosh, Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith. Apples are five bits apiece, and don go stealin none of em.

Sugarcube CornerEdit

Home to the entire Cake Family (Carrot, Cup, Pound, and Pumpkin), as well as Pinkie Pie, this quaint little shop is far larger on the inside than it seems on the outside. Made of layers of stale gingerbread with frosting as mortar, the shop is literally good enough to eat.

The SpaEdit

A place favored by Rarity and Fluttershy, run by the twins, Aloe and Lotus. Costs for their services are unknown, but it has been hinted they are willing to offer quite a variety of services to the customer, depending on the size of their pocketbook.

Carousel BoutiqueEdit

A place of Chique Manifique, this is the home of Rarity and, much to the former's dismay, oftentimes the hangout of Sweetie Belle. Woe betide the one who upsets the dresses or fabric in this store. If your name is Blueblood, take care to steer clear of this place, lest cake be thrown.

RD's CloudEdit

Currently home to both Gilda and Rainbow Dash, this AWESOME cloud is 100% cooler than the rest of Ponyville put together. It comes equipped with all the latest and greatest in Pegasus appliances, even including built in raonbows for the showers. And it can be yours today for three easy payments of just $19.95! That's right folks, Only THREE easy payments of $19.95!

Post OfficeEdit

Lorded over by Prince Blueblood, this woefully inefficient post office is aided only by the addition of Derpy Hooves, recently canonized. That's really all there is of interest there.

Unnamed RestaurantEdit

This is a random cafe where Twilight attempted to get a sandwich in an early episode. They make good hayfries, according to Spike.

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