Pinkie Pie
(Pinkamena Diane Pie)
Pinkie frown pie
Universe Equestria
Canon No
Sex Female
Species Pony - pegasus
Cutie mark Cm-pinkie pie
Address @EquestriaGirl
Player Draco

Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie is the Element of Laughter and was a Draco character.

Due to problems related to her Gloomy side, Draco let Seth take her over but forced him to make a new account, because Draco's an asshole and also because Seth wasn't using most of Draco's story on his version anyway.

History Edit

Pinkie is a pegasus who lost her wings.

She grew up in a town called Filly Rock, where of course, they farmed rocks. They grow over time in Equestria, you see, this is why dragons and Rarity are so easily able to find gemstones at any moment.

An accident of uncertain cause injured her severely and required Celestia's overseeing for her care, ending in removal of her wings.

Teased by everyone in town, she moved to Ponyville and lived with her grandmother. Between her and the cheerful ponies in town, Pinkie developed an optimistic outlook on life, and became able to help others smile through any crisis since she had made it through something so sad and lonely herself.

Problem Edit

Why the HELL did Draco think Pinkie banging Discord was a good idea.

Why did Seth as Discord think that either.

What a couple of idiots.

Gallery Edit