Pinkie Pie
(Pinkamena Diane Pie)
Rocky and Pinkie
What is that Rocky? Kill them all? GOOD IDEA!
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - earth pony
Cutie mark 80px
Address @StepfordSmiler
Player The Dutch Guy

Pinkamena Diane Pie is the Nequestrian counterpart to Pinkie Pie. Over time, her insanity and murderous nature have been alleviated from a Cupcakes level to a Shawn Michaels level.

Her inversion is quite obvious; as in Party of One, Pinkamena lives in her own little facade with her friends (the usual inanimate objects, and a few unfortunate victims). She is largely dependent on and protective of these "friends" and can turn violent if her fantasy world is threatened.

As with Pinkie, Pinkamena switches between two moods which affect her behavior:

Her usual mood, with long hair as opposed to Pinkie's monster-mess. In this mood, Pinkamena doesn't really care for killing, preferring to scare and confuse the hell out of ponies for fun. Her delusions are far more obvious here.
Unlike Pinkie, Pinkamena's hair turns poofy when angered. She is far more dangerous and has a horrific temper, and will murder anyone who commits a trivial offense.

Although she claims to sworn off of the murdering and actively tries to reconnect with the other Paragons of Harmony, lingering psychopathy still influences Pinkamena's actions and she may have brief stabbing spells.

Pinkamena maintains all of Pinkie's clairvoyance and reaction speed, but makes far less use of her warping and other meta abilities as it makes everything too easy to really be fun.

Story Edit

It appears that a falling out with Prism Dash and Orangejack triggered Pinkie's psychopathy, However Pinkamena had her imaginary friends even before she moved into neqeustrian ponyville.

She also knows a lot about rock farming specifics and will drone on about it when it is brought up, Its quite possible that she also had a family with a rock farm just like the Eqeustrian Pinkie, However when asked about it she will change the subject quickly.

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