(Jasmine Constance Apple)
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - earth pony
Cutie mark 80px

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Orangejack is the Nequestrian counterpart of Applejack and the commander of Dusk Gleam's military.

Despite her ladylike and fragile appearance, Orangejack IS still Applejack, or at least is still an earth pony, and can easily hold her own in a fight against an average opponent. She has returned from death several times (or at least this is what they say) and has successfully defended against Pinkamena on many occasions.

Orangejack speaks in a refined accent, but will occasionally fall back to her BOY-HOWDY-YEEHAW accent, particularly when feeling sad or unwell or otherwise things are pretty serious.

History Edit

Past Edit

Unlike her counterpart, Orangejack was not fond of farm life (for whatever reason.) She stayed with her aunt and uncle Orange and eventually returned to burn down the old farm (though her family survived.)

Krillin Saga Edit

Krillin killed Orangejack only about seven times and attempted to kidnap her before at least two of those times.

A Matter of Trust Edit

Orangejack entered a relationship with Jake Smith, who took on a male pony form that was later changed to Jackie. She did not disclose at the time that the primary reason she entered this relationship was to discern the origin of Jake's apparent immortality.

Eventually they had sex, but the intimacy of the relationship made Orangejack feel guilty to the point that she considered killing herself by gunshot. Jake, being a bit crazy himself, found this sort of endearing, disarmed her and asked what was bothering her. Unwilling to admit that she was playing him, she made up a lie that he had actually had sex with one of Dusk's biobots, which was only mildly disappointing to him.

Of course later, Vulgarity being a total sweetheart got her to open up and admit it. For her pains, Orangejack received a bash in the face from Jake, who went off with Silkie to get drunk.

Other shit Edit

Orangejack is now in a relationship with Vulgarity and Jake probably writes lemons about them and makes oil paintings of them banging. They are scheduled to have Crabapple at some point in the future.

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