" Luna nobis providet. "

Luna cornus habet pennas.

The New Lunar Republic is an Internet clan with an absurd obsession with Princess Luna. Their guild mission is to unseat Celestia from power and replace her with their glorious moon mother.

When incorporating the New Lunar Republic into roleplay, it might be best to make them a comically inept group of would-be ninjas or Dark Brotherhood-style cultists. Add as much Latin as possible in the form of secret greetings (see the quote above)

Any played Luna's reaction to the New Lunar Republic should be carefully considered to develop her character.

Trivia Edit

  • The opening quote roughly translates to "The moon provides for us." Of course, They could mean the pony Luna herself.
    • The Latin word "nobis", here meaning "us", is considered a particularly posh and arrogant manner of referencing one's self, and is likely where modern English words such as "noble" and "snob" originate.

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