Nequestria is a dark/Gothic beyondard equivalent of Equestria from another universe or something. It is ruled by Queen Dusk Gleam, although since her awareness that Molestia and Loony are not totally nuts, she has been open to establishing a triforce.

In practice, Nequestria is an alternate timeline where the primary diversions began around the time of the main six character's births, manifesting in a darker, more depressing atmosphere. However, the ponies from Nequestria tend to be quite goofy, though their humor can be dark, leading to the world as a whole seeming to be an off-beat, ill-humored joke of sorts.

The Paragons Edit

The equivalents to the Element Bearers are the Paragons of Harmony. They are handpicked by Harmony as champions of her virtues, and there are apparently six of them (although seven's a magic number and there might be a seventh one.) The current Paragons are: Dusk Gleam (Forgiveness), Prism Dash, Vulgarity, Pinkamena, Orangejack, and Shuttershy.

History Edit

The Merge Edit

Nequestria merged with Equestria because anons tried to teleport everyone into a grimdark Cupcakes setting. Draco immediately spun the new setting into dark comedy more along the lines of Disgaea rather than an actual grimdark evil world.

This also caused the barriers between the worlds to break up a bit and created rifts all over the place. Such rifts can also be temporarily generated by Dusk's interifter.

Areas of NoteEdit


The floating Palace of Queen Dusk Gleam, Laputa has its own page for more detail. This immense island is bigger than the Equestrian Canterlot, and home to not only the royal family, but also their servants, while still having room for public galleries. That is, if you can get up there in the first place.



The Forsaken Forest

((Insert name of Nequestrian Appleoosa and Desert here))

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