(Lyrum Ulyssa Valentine)
;yra used for profiile
Universe Not given
Sex Female
Species Not given - unicorn
Address @MusicalMint
Player Jakeinator

Lyra is that one mint colored pony who's often seen with Bonbon, and by that I mean they are a newly wed couple.


Lyra quickly became friends with her neighbor Bonbon in Canterlot as a filly. The two eventually met Berry Punch and Colgate which quickly led to a large friendship square, Lyra being the lazy, excitable, but smart one, Bonbon being the sweet and kind one, Berry Punch being the party girl, and Colgate the happy-go-lucky one. They all four shared a great friendship, until Lyra turned 15 and went to the Canterlot Academy of Music, where she took after her mother to learn how to play the lyre. At this boarding school she met Octavia, who she helped getting over her lonliness and overall social awkwardness. Eventually, she began to hand out with Vinyl Scratch and the 3 became close friends. Lyra brought her group of friends together, occasionally sneaking her childhood friends on campus to have wild and crazy times.

Romantic HistoryEdit

Lyra has had a crush on Bonbon since they met, but was unsure if Bonbon would go for her, so she remained queit until she was 16, when after a very emotional moment with Bonbon cofessed her love for her. The two have been going out ever since, and when Bonbon moved to Ponyville, so did Lyra.

However, unbeknownst to Lyra, Octavia was about to confess her love to Lyra after not thinking she was good enough for Vinyl Scratch and having a falling out with another pony. The result of hearing love slipped past her hooves again broke her heart, and it took years for her to give romance another chance. Lyra felt responsible for destroying Octavia's love life after Octavia sent her a book on her life as a teenager, which she then read. Octavia vanished from Equestria for a short peroid of time after meeting Lyra again. She came back to Ponyville, and Lyra tried her hardest to get her and Vinyl Scratch together. She was successful, and the two rekindled their friendship.

Lyra lazy

Looks like me on a normal day.Rainbowseth 21:08, September 20, 2011 (UTC)