Little Mandarin
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Male
Species Pony - earth pony
Cutie mark 80px
Address @aznpony
Player Spazz

Little Mandarin is a slightly larger-than-child-sized adult pony, a former, repentant cannibal, and the Nequestrian counterpart of Big Macintosh.

An unfortunate incident with Dusk Gleam ages past causes him to be rather awkward with ladies (she's got a butt you can sink your teeth into.)

After eventually 'losing' Dusk Gleam to one of the Equestrian Rainbow Dashes, he began a drinking binge which eventually put him ranting and vomitting in one of Vulgarity's rooms. The next morning, he found himself bound for Asia on a wild goose chase to find his birth father, which ultimately ended with him joining a Buhddist temple. He may or may not still have feelings for Dusk, but he will always shrug it off with, "She has Rainbow, and her kids. I am happy knowing she is happy." Or some bullshit along that path.

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