Laputa, Castle in the Sky is a large, Gothic-inspired castle engineered by Dusk Gleam and constructed by her army of corebots. It was created at about the time Aurora was born.

Laputa is named after the floating castle from the old anime movie of the same name (as Dusk likes to do with her inventions), and was picked to give Shuttershy something to do (i.e. make fun of the name as it means something like "the bitch" or "the whore" in many Latin languages.)

Floor plan and schematics Edit

Well I just kinda made it up on the spot. But the castle may be divided roughly into three sections:

  • On the bottom floors are public facilities such as a public library (though it has restricted access material.) These are the only quarters that can easily be accessed by any doofus with a rifter, or by flying.
  • On the middle-ish floors are servant and guest quarters (e.g. Shuttershy's room.)
  • On the top floors are the private rooms for the royal family, with an enormous spire for Dusk and Rainbow and a smaller spire for Aurora and Astraea.

Dusk is constantly bragging that the castle is 10 feet taller, 30 feet wider on average at the base, and somehow holds 17.5% more stuff than that of Canterlot.

Castle staff Edit

The staff of Laputa are a quirky lot who enjoy complications or difficulties in the day-to-day operation of the castle due to the chance to exercise and hone their extensive skillsets.

Security (mostly robots)
Roller Dragon
Aides (Butlers)
Chief of Aid - "Oliver" (no-nonsense old dude, tends to yell at Emily a lot)
Domestics (Maids)
"Emily" (shy, nervous pegasus prone to dropping and breaking stuff when Oliver yells at her)
Culinaries (Chefs)
Chief Culinary - Steam Kettle (male) and Whistling Kettle (female), alternating weekly.

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