(Grizelda Ashlee Clairmont)
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Gryphon
Address @ChillGriffon
Player DracoHandsome

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Grizelda is the Nequestrian equivalent to Gilda. Call her Grizzly at your own risk.

Unlike Gilda, who is aggressive and hostile, Grizelda is very easy-going and perhaps trivial, and emphasizes the stereotype of being "chill". If she's given the chance she'll butt in to object to injustice, although she will probably end up getting both sides angry with her.

Generally, Grizelda barely says anything - at least not anything worth listening to - but she will speak her mind quite clearly if she has something to say and she'll have quite a bit to say in the rare event someone pisses her off.

Story Edit

Grizelda's family was dysfunctional and she was unhappy with her "good Catholic schoolgirl" upbringing, partially due to how girly it was and partially due to her lack of faith in a good higher power guiding her life. When her parents and pastor weren't looking, she started taking payments from other kids to protect them from and retaliate against offenders and bullies, eventually saving up enough for flight school lessons in Nequestria (the small payments added up real quick.)

When she made it to flight school, she didn't make friends with Prism Dash - although she tried - and thus did not become a bully with her influence. Grizelda was the one fighting the bullies (inc. Prism Dash), and was the one who protected Shuttershy from her tormentors in Dash's place, although the pegasus hated to be indebted to her despite Grizelda's assurances there was no debt to pay.

After flight school, Grizelda wandered Nequestria wondering what sorta shit she could get into...

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