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User-dracohandsome Sorry about that!
By Draco on February 18, 2012

Hey it's me, the guy writing the news updates. Last update I had Princess Fineasstia infer I was going to be writing up a canon guideline or something!

Well you know what? I don't think I'm gonna do that.

The only time we need to worry about breaking canon is when it's broken SO bad that everyone in the RP bitches anyway. So I'm sorry for the 3 or 4 people who read that and panicked that I was going to stop them from making their original character.

So you can go ahead and make your reincarnated Starswirl or something.

As always: Have fun and STAY COOL!

Handsome out.

Char-celestia Discussing canon
By Celestia on February 17, 2012

Hello, my little ponies. We have a few things to discuss.

I would hate to step on anyone's hooves, but we have the matter of canonicity throughout the RP. It's one thing to make up explanations for what hasn't happened in the canon, but occasionally someone may actually screw up the existing canon and that is tragic.

Please register an account if you lack one and discuss the matter of canonicity and how far it may be stretched on the canon discussion page (selected because it allows comments.) Nothing has been decided at this point in time.

And I'm sorry that there's a bust chart for cartoon ponies. I will try to fix this because really it's a bit gross.

May the sun and the moon always light your path.

Char-spitfire Happy H and H! And other stuff.
By Spitfire on February 14, 2012

Yeah so it's H and H today or whatever, right? Apparently Pinkie's going to be double-dating Rainbow and Applejack. Which is really kinky and all but won't that end really badly? I mean they're both played by the same guy and he won't shut up about our boobs. Also something about Cheerilee and Big McIntosh but who cares about those losers.

Anyways, I think Dusk's finally written up a legible version of Project:Characters, so you'd probably better read that when you're done smooching your girlfriend so you know how to write about us.

And when you do mine, can you PLEASE not mention that one time with the snakes? 'cause that was one time and really it'd never happen again and it was only two snakes.

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