A 7-year-old punching bag.
Universe Not given
Sex Female
Species Not given - pegasus
Address @futurefilly
Player Saber

Firefly is the daughter of Saber's Rainbow Dash by an as-yet-undisclosed pegasus father (but not Skywind, later shown to be Stryder Skye)

Firefly arrived in the present by following Seth's Rainbow Dash after she returned from the future and proved to be a bit of a nuisance to bring back.

Until recently, Firefly was heavily abused by Dusk Gleam for unknown reasons, though Firefly suspects Dusk disliking her father as a partial reason. She also has a fairly obvious crush on Sparkstar , Twilight's adopted son.

Character Edit

Firefly seems to be just a bit of a ditz, gleefully flying around and getting into trouble. This does not go very well with Dusk Gleam, who for ten years forgot her promise never to strike a child and grew steadily more abusive of Firefly until she was shockingly reminded of her vow.

When her mother is away, Firefly is often left with her aunt Dusk Gleam, who is abusive of her for trivial reasons. Dusk's daughters Shooting Star and Aurora would interact with her as well, and Aurora would sometimes tease her or smack her around, though never as severely as Dusk.

Firefly is an extremely talented stunt flyer, rivaling her mother (in the "present", at least) and nearing Wonderbolt level.

History Edit

A Glancing Spark Edit

Firefly was originally Rainbow Dash's daughter by Applejack, who was temporarily turned into a male for this purpose.

Unfortunately, one day Applejack / Ceets abruptly issued an URB to annul the marriage and the entire relationship, and subsequently obliterate Firefly from existence. (We can jokingly attribute this to Celestia's trolling since Ceets is her too.)

Rainbow Dash was most displeased; only she, Pinkie Pie, and apparently Jake Smith remembered, the last of whom DI'N'T GIVE A ROIT BLOODY FUCK HONK

Future's Window Edit

When Seth's Rainbow Dash returned from the future, Firefly followed and began to sneak around exploring the world. Due to her ditziness and the fact 10 years is not long enough for major architectural changes, she didn't notice a difference at first. (Although Laputa was built around the time Aurora was born and thus didn't exist when Firefly went back, DracoHandsome hadn't made that up yet so Saber wasn't aware of this to incorporate it.)

Blah blah blah she stuck around until Aurora literally chucked her back into the future, then she snuck back and Dusk herself went and got her. She promised not to go back again.


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