The Everfree Forest is a large forest just outside of Ponyville that is considered forbidden to enter by the residents of the town. This is because inside the Everfree, the magical rules that govern Equestria don't apply. This causes an array of effects, including unpredictable weather and animals that are hostile to ponies. The Everfree is also full of strange, magical flora and fauna and has frequently been visited in the show, either for business purposes or as a show of courage.

Areas of InterestEdit

Fluttershy's CottageEdit

Home, of course, to Fluttershy. It's odd that the most skittish of the Mane Six chose to make her home at the border of the most dangerous place in Equestria. But what can you do. A plethora of animals can be found here, many from the Everfree itself.

Night PalaceEdit

The former home of the Princesses and hiding place of the Elements of Harmony, this ruined castle appeared only in the Season One premiere. However, brave ponies, perhaps crusading for their cutie marks in archaeology, might one day make a journey here.

Cuprican's MineEdit

Home to Spiko and Cuprican, this glittering cavern is guarded by a door. Answering a riddle gets you inside, and you'll find gems and gold strewn everywhere. The mine is beneath the main cavern, while the roof of the cave is a verdant garden, tended by Cuprican. Recently was invaded when someone painted all the roses red. Due to the confusion of certain muns, it should also be mentioned that the rock around the cave is incredibly dense, and would be difficult, if not impossible, to break through. Certainly impossible to do so without alerting Cuprican and Spike.

The mine is not without defenses, many built by Cuprican himself, and keyed to his magic. The most visible of these is the Riddle Door that guards the main entrance. However, scattered all around the area in and out of the entrance are the seeds of plants, seeds that will burst into bloom at his order.

Willy Nelly MountainEdit

This large mountain, with a single cave at its peak, is aptly named. It is the home of Whimsy Weatherbe, and the weather around it is ca-razy. Much like approaching Cuprican's mine will trigger the wrath of Earth, so will approaching Whimsey's mountain triiger the anger of Air. Woe betide the pegasus who seeks to fly to her cave.


The most familiar area of the forest, this part includes the meadows and less dense undergrowth, and is the home of the more mundane creatures of the woods, such as deer, rabbits, and squirrels, both flying and treebound. The plants that grow here, while magical, are less dangerous, comprising snapdragons and tiger lilies among their more dangerous species.


The most dangerous part of the forest, the Deepwoods is comprised of giant trees, swamps, and steep cliffs. It is here that the Night Palace rests in ruins. This part of the forest is home to mythical monsters, such as manticores and dragons, as well as various predatory plants such as Dreamshade and Wolf's Tooth. Great care must be taken when entering these woods.


In the Deepwoods lie the Everrise Mountains, home of deadly quarray eels, Mountain Lions, and Giant Rocs. The Hardest part of the Everfree to reach, the spoils are worth it. The mountains glitter with ore and gems, and the plants here, such as the Silver Ivy and the Creeping Thorn, are invalauble to both doctors and collectors alike.

The PathEdit

In a unknown part of the Everfree Forest, apprently resides an area that is on no map of Equestria. It is an extreamely dark, haunting, and scary place where it is said that sevral ponies have wound up missing, lost or even dead. Reports of Smileing White Faces, Unknown Whispers, Shadow like Figures and other strange things have been seen by the few who survived it. The Path can also split into two directions. One has been said to lead to an Portol to another realm. The other has never been recorded by anyone who chose it. Entering this area will either cost your life or worse if you are unprepaired. It is storngly advised to bring a light with you when going to The Path, for what lurks inside may not be vary friendly.

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