Universe Not given
Sex Female
Species Not given - unicorn
Address @Tigerpuppy
Player Tigerpuppy

Ember is a female unicorn who was previously a human, but has only very vague memories of being human. She is also an original character/ponysona. She seems to have a very vast mind, but isn't too good at actually expressing what she's thinking or feeling unless it's through a form of art or she's comfortable enough to. Ember, not having a house of her own, currently resides in the Ponyville library, and sleeps in the guest room upstairs. She may be shy and anxious, but she can be really friendly if she can open up to someone. She is known to be the only one to pull off the human but now pony forever thing well, and is actually quite hilarious and spontaneous, and is possibly the only character in the RP that didn't have anything horrifically depressing happen to her, which is nice.

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