Dusk Gleam
(Dawn Everlight Sparkle)
Char-dusk gleam
Nice vest NERRRD!!!
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - unicorn
Cutie mark Cm-dusk gleam
Address @ToAScience
Player DracoHandsome

Dusk Gleam, or Dawn Everlight Sparkle, is the Queen of Nequestria and that world's counterpart to Twilight Sparkle.

Dusk is most known for her sarcasm, teasing mockery, and outrageous German accent, which she adopted due to her fondness of roleplay - in this case, a mad scientist sort of supervillain.

She is secondly known for her enormous rear which is met with either perverse delight, scathing mockery or horror, depending on present company.

To put it simply, Dusk Gleam's rump is so fat, when she waddles through the hallways of Laputa, the palace rocks back and forth in the air.

Dusk was formerly married to Rainbow Dash, but this was URB'd.

Forms Edit


And you thought Shuttershy was a fire hazard.

  • Anons have given Dusk the ability to copy Princess Luna's appearance in pony and human forms. However, Dusk does not have her experience with magic and thus cannot utilize her mana matrix effectively, meaning the form essentially only gives flight capabilities. (Dusk isn't very good at that either.)
  • As the opposite of Twilight Sparkle, Dusk has a blazing form that she will enter when significantly emotionally stressed. This has happened to her three times:
    • Once when she ate something Shuttershy had farted upon (but she passed out immediately);
    • Again during the apex of the battle against Molestia; and
    • Once after a lot of stress over her relationship with Little Mandarin and Dashie.

Character relations Edit

RainbowSeth (Seth)
Dusk's wife in current continuity. They have a bumpy relationship, but Dusk is devoted. Aurora has already been born in the present and Shooting Star is due about three years after that point.
Vulgarity (DracoHandsome)
Dusk considers her a sort of big sister and they have helped each other out through many social scrapes. Draco plays both of them, and thus much of their connection isn't shown as it's really freaking awkward to talk to yourself; however, their trust and understanding of one another is much deeper than first apparent.
Shuttershy (Turbostud)
Dusk is torn between controlling her as one controls a pet, and treating her as a close friend. Shuttershy swears allegiance to Dusk, although she occasionally has rebellious spells. Turbostud for his part feels awkward with serious or touching character traits and has kept Shuttershy very comical thus far.
Jake Smith (The British Guy)
They get along, despite the myriad of severe faux pas on Jake's part early in the relationship and a few mistakes from Dusk later on.
Orangejack (Ceets)
Dusk often forgets she exists, much to her embarrassment and shame. Orangejack usually gets indignant, and Dusk usually starts freaking out that she must be a terrible friend to keep forgetting. In truth, this is because Draco always forgets one (1) thing when attempting to remember a list of things and it's usually the same one every time.

History Edit

Past Edit

Dawn was born to grossly negligent parents, and in her loneliness, turned to the academical studies. She remembers that one day, something clicked and she began to understand mechanics and complex practical science with ease, becoming more and more fascinated as she understood the workings more intuitively.

She was noticed as a child prodigy and given a chance to take the entrance exam at the Pendragon University, run by Princess Molestia (then Celestia and much like her Equestrian counterpart) at Canterlot.

The exam was to repair an incubator that would hatch a dragon egg, and was designed to be impossible to perform. However, by some engineering marvel, Dawn was able to repair the incubator, and was given the contents of the egg as her reward - Silkie (then Spike.)

Celestia was so impressed by this display of genius that she personally took Dawn off of her parents' uncaring hooves and taught her as a personal student in the high sciences.

Dawn was incredibly happy to finally have a family figure and attacked her studies with zeal, and for a time, all was well.

But one day, Celestia went mad. Despite Nequestria's rapid decline due to this - poverty, crime rate, pollution - Dawn was unable to accept this until one Christmas when Celestia dressed up as Santa Claus and gave most of Nequestria her own twisted brand of present. Her first victim was Loony*, her second Dawn; and from then on she was known as Molestia.

Forced to acknowledge the madness of her beloved mentor, Dawn collected Nequestria into a rebel force and assaulted Molestia and the forces that remained loyal to her. In her madness, Molestia was not able to access her full power. As Dusk's emotions elevated, she set ablaze and reached a temporary ascended form, allowing her to defeat Molestia and claim the throne for herself, hoping to repair the damage that had been done herself. Loony was, to outside appearances, broken mentally by the stress - indeed, she became excessively cheery and euphoric - and unable to aid in ruling Nequestria directly. Feeling depressed and sociopathic, Dawn abandoned her hopeful-sounding name and took on the more depressing Dusk Gleam.

At some point**, Dusk attempted a relationship with Little Mandarin. Around the time she was undressing to Get It On, he lost control and bit her on the ass, hard enough to leave a scar. Dusk was understandably freaked out and did not speak to him again for years.

Invasion of Equestria Edit

Dusk originally made her appearance during the invasion of Equestria by Nequestria when the worlds first merged, sending mirages of several enormous doomships to attack the country with lasers, most of which turned random civilians into chickens.

After her mirages were thwarted by the Mary Sue powers of Twilight Sparkle, along with her more real attempt to crash the moon into the Earth, Dusk was sad and grumpy, but admitted defeat. She soon mellowed out considerably and stopped making half-hearted attempts to seize Equestria at this time, spending her time working on more peaceful scientific innovations and mocking or insulting most of the other characters who spoke to her.

The Man in the Suit Edit

Being Queen of Nequestria, Dusk was usually one of the first few contacted by any strange individuals who entered either world, particularly Jake Smith, who at first arrived to study the collision of the universes but eventually stayed for the plot.

Her relationship with Jake was quite rocky and started with Dusk getting a schoolgirl crush due to his being a tall dark stranger, although she was also a bit frightened of him, sensing his repressed murderous urges.

A few clumsy dialogue lines, butt-flashes, and bonks on the head later, Dusk grew to trust Jake as he conquered his past and set it behind him. He gave her Marston, his beloved firearm from his mercenary days, as a sign of unwavering trust between the two, although she almost shot him with it once because he was acting so stupid she thought he was possessed by a demon.



  • Loony's precise backstory is to be determined by her player, Alyx.
    • Draco hasn't decided exactly when the Dusk/Mandarin episode took place. It's most likely before Molestia went insane, because Dusk would be too depressed and hateful to enter a relationship after.

Gallery Edit

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