Ditzy Death
(Dilena Zither Doo)
I twisted your molecules like a kitten with a ball of yarn, Sorry.
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - pegasus
Cutie mark Ditzy Destiny Brad
Address @MonstrousMail
Player The Dutch Guy

Ditzy Death is the Nequestrian counterpart of one of the Derpy Hooves or another.

Ditzy is mostly known for her snarky, dry, depressing humor and blatant disregard for others' feelings. Although she mostly keeps to a scarce few acquaintances, she will harass others if she overhears something interesting, or just finds a good opportunity.

Ditzy also has a tendency to spout vague quotes and advice like a guru, even if she doesn't have a meaning in mind.

Ditzy is lifelong Hate-Love-OccasionallyHaveDrunkSex-Bros with Jake Smith.



Ditzy is a living paradox, Once she was a just a normal mare had a good life, a foal, A love for muffins and a stable job at the post office,

All was well..Untill she met a particulair pony living in a strange blue box. She met The Doctor. After a small adventure in Eqeustria with the doctor she had become aqauinted with time travel, She volunteered to be his assistant, On the promise that she could return to her time agian at any moment, She wouldn't want Dinky to be left behind.

Ditzy and The Doctor began a whole slew of adventures across various timelines, Ditzy learned and became smarter while having a lifelong friendship with the doctor.

However, All good things come to an end. The doctor died in a Disaster and Ditzy was stranded in a far darker place, Neqeustria.

With nothing left she became bitter and cruel hoping she would once see her loved ones agian...Which eventually happend.


With the return of her Daughter and the reopening of her post office/lab she has been under a lot of stress lately. She is currently trying to re-establish the bond with her daughter and maintain her connections with her newly made 'Friends'.

She has researching a way to change pony's breeds, Thus far has suceeded in making wings for Dinky, Altrough with some disastrous conceqeuses like Dinky falling ill and herself losing the ability to fly much. This scared the crap out off her, However she is deperately trying to find a cure for her ill daughter, While sticking by her side.

Recently reaqauinted with Doctor Whooves


Has also stupidly brought the wrath of the prankster goddess upon her by claiming she will not in the future or the past fall into childish traps. as a result she gets pranked a lot by Cynthia

Psycological ProfileEdit

Like every resident of Neqeustria, Ditzy has the following share of mental problems:

  • ​Trust issues: She has a grand disturst of everyone, Causing her to be incredibly supicious of others
  • Depression/Negativity: She always has something to complain about and is prone to doomsaying, She is rarely happy or that is what she wants you to think
  • Shut-in: That is putting it lightly
  • Dementia: Due to prolonged exposure to chemicals and the like her mind is quite messed up, Often mixing up memories or forgetting entire parts of her past, as a result most things she says are littered with double meanings and nonsence to the point that even she herself forgets what she was trying to say.
  • No sense of morality: Would gladly endanger others if the results where intresting.
  • Sadistic: Lives on 'Shadenfreunde'
  • Determinated: While nothing seems to work she keeps trying anyway


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