Dinky Death
Dinky wings
Ethics? Screw the rules, I have wings.
Universe Nequestria
Canon Sorta
Sex Female
Species Pony - unicorn
Cutie mark 80px

Dinky Death is the daughter of Ditzy Death.

Dinky was separated from her mother for about a year, and suffered from significant abandonment issues upon their reunion.

Dinky was recently - through great pains and risk of death - given wings through her mother's genetic manipulation technology. Her body is currently struggling to adapt the new wings, causing her to have difficulty to move.

Atleast, That is what she remembered. In reality she has been seperated for far longer, Hell, even in another reality. but with the help of a certain pony in a blue box she had found her mother agian in Neqeustria and lived there ever since

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