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This character's dead. Don't make an account for her without Jake's permission to do weird necromancer shit!

Cassandra is the deceased sister of the Nequestrian Trixie.

Cassandra was a play actress. Happy Draco?

There does not appear to have been an equivalent to Cassandra for the normal Trixie, unless she simply refuses to admit it. But who gives a shit.

Story Edit

The Cabbage Patch Edit

Cassandra, Trixie, and their mother grew up poor and hungry in the slums of Canterlot, in a place known by the locals as the Cabbage Patch. Their mother's hard work was barely enough to provide food and shelter, and Cassandra developed an uncanny knack for illegal gambling (though not an addiction.)

Sadly, the guards of Nequestria were much more corrupt than those of Equestria, and one day the girls' mother was hauled away by the guards and presumably murdered; the home and possessions were repossessed. Suddenly, Cassandra and Trixie were out on the street, and banned from the gambling halls simply for being homeless.

A Rare Gift Edit

By some stroke of divine intervention, Trixie had the one gift that was otherwise weak in Nequestria: she had a natural talent at magic, and their street performances allowed them to scrape enough to rent out an apartment. Cassandra soon got a lucky break in play acting.

Due to her humble roots, Cassandra became an icon of the lower class triumph, and within six months of her first performance acquired a special effects position for her sister. They became a famous duo until Cassandra presented Trixie with her chance to debut solo as the Great and Powerful Trixie - the only catch was that their performances were simultaneous in separate theatres, and thus they could not watch each other live.

Tragedy Edit

But seconds before Trixie went onstage, she was informed her sister was hospitalized by a stab wound. Afraid that her sister would die before she got there if she did not cancel her performance, she was forced to bail and rush to the hospital, causing her guild to cruelly expel her.

Her sister told her that there was no way to save her, as a major artery had been severed, and gave her a quote she had heard:

" All the world's a stage,
And all the mares and stallions merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one mare in her time plays many parts. "

- Jaqueass, As You Like It, Act II, sc. VII, authored by Winneigham Haykespeare

Trixie promised that she would become the Great and Powerful Trixie, and build the life Cassandra could no longer give her.

At 8:34 PM, on July 7th, the aspiring actress Cassandra, of humble roots and golden future, passed from this world to whatever lay beyond.

Trixie was the only one at the funeral, and at the cremation. And she keeps the ashes to this day.

... And then DracoHandsome fucked up (UNFATHOMABLE!!) by assuming "Prisoner #402" was an assassin instead of a jealous actress and had Vulgarity and DREAD protecting Trixie from an assassin group before asking Jake and being told any of this HE HE HE /^3^\


  • Cassandra's and Trixie's story is inspired (heavily) by I Won't See You Tonight, found here

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