(Aurora Silabus Sparkle)
Char aurora
Aurora at around ten years old.
Universe Nequestria
Canon No
Sex Female
Species Pony - pegasus
Cutie mark Cm-aurora
Address @ToAnArtForm
Player DracoHandsome

Aurora Silabus Sparkle is a pegasus and the first daughter of Dusk Gleam and Rainbow Dash in a previous timeline.

As their marriage fell apart and they prepared to initiate an URB, Aurora took Astraea and did some time-hopping to prevent the two of them from disappearing. She then warped back in time and scolded her parents for attempting to murder her and has resolved herself to behaving like a regular child for the time being, hoping to re-establish a similar relationship to her friends as she had previously.

Aurora owns a plushie named Fluffy and is destined to become a legendary flier like her "father" - but gets too nervous to fly well if anybody's watching.

Personality Edit

Aurora has adopted a fanciful villain persona similar to Dusk's roleplay, but Shuttershy's influence causes her to be a bully, and rather mean to the others, even her little sister. She is particularly aggressive towards Firefly, perhaps as a form of pegasus rivalry. She comes across as a bitch.

Pre-URB, she would drop this manner promptly if either of her parents were nearby, switching to the perfect angel, but both of them were well-aware of her bullying nature.

From Rainbow, Aurora has developed a hidden sweet side and her own odd brand of loyalty; she will protect others from danger, even Firefly, and will not intentionally mock others for extremely delicate or sensitive issues.

Aurora is afraid of snakes due to a prank of Rainbow's aimed at Dusk that went wrong. Rainbow had intended for them to be fake rubber snakes but ended up with real ones somehow, perhaps due to sabotage.

Naming issue Edit

In the original timeline, Dusk insisted on naming her first daughter Aurora, after the middle name of her beloved teacher, and was hoping for a unicorn so the name fit. She would have named the pegasus Shooting Star otherwise, but this went to her second daughter, the unicorn.

In the second timeline, after Rainbow's time travel, Dusk named her first daughter Aurora because that's what she was told she had named her, despite her concerns that the names were kinda backwards.

There are several more timelines caused by Dusk's going back in time to retrieve Firefly that do not significantly affect Aurora.

The final timeline is post-URB and whatever Dusk would have done no longer matters.

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