This is a character disambiguation page.
This character is played on more than one account by separate people.
Race Earth pony
Sex Female
Cutie mark Cm-applejack
Addresses DracJack (Draco)
HonestApples (Ceets) (inactive)
ElementofApples (alien)
HonestAJ (FoReallz)

Applejack is a silly pony and a primary character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is the only noteworthy character whose basic design has remained unedited since the original generation.

Unlike her old Canadian-British counterpart, the modern Applejack is a get-'er-dun redneck with all the trimmings. She is quick to act and slow to think, bordering on retarded but noticeably smarter than Rainbow Dash or the Cutie Mark Crusaders (although Apple Bloom occasionally has more sense than anyone else in the show, at her discretion.)

When playing Applejack, one must remember not to make the accent TOO strong (in text, anyway - she'd get annoying fast), and to always play on the defensive. That is to say, Applejack's temper only triggers when she is insulted or provoked, as opposed to Rainbow Dash who is usually the one provoking everyone (esp. Applejack.)

Being a country girl, it's likely that Applejack has some vaguely Christian-inspired moral and ethical standings, so it's acceptable if she takes a while to warm up to deviant things like Rainbow's lesbianism / bisexuality or Pinkie banging Discord. If one wishes to go this route, it's important to remember that Applejack cares for her friends deeply and would be conflicted over how to feel, rather than just bashing the crap out of them without reservation.

Other optional stuff Edit

  • It's logical to assume that the hat formerly belonged to Applejack's father and thus is very valuable to her. Logically, there is also a possibility that Apple Bloom's ribbon belonged to their mother. The circumstances under which Applejack was given this hat would add character development.
    • Bonus points if at first, Applejack had the ribbon and Big McIntosh had the hat, until Apple Bloom was a little older.

Gallery Edit

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