Ace Cooper
(Ace "Rephlex Twenty" Cooper)
So i don't get lost
Shit son, guy from NCR is cooking with fire.
Universe Not given
Sex Male
Species Not given - human
Address @RephlexTwenty
Player Dronian

Ace Cooper, or Rephlex Twenty, is a human who was turned into a hybrid between a Pegasus and a Human. He is not to be confused with the guy from The Magician, although they have similar names. He probably sounds like Simon Lane from the Yogscast.



Not much is known about his family, but he has a sister, (a) possible Irish parent(s) and is related to Simo Hayha and Mad Jack Churchill.


Ace was born to unknown human parents in 4077 (And it's coincidence that it's 1,800 from 2277, the time Fallout 3 happens). When he was 18 (4095), a war happened which ended up nuking every city on earth. AGAIN. He didn't know where his parents were, or his sister. Eventually, he was found, and brought in for testing. That was how he became a half-Equestrian, half-Human creature. Sometime before his trip to 7023, he got some NCR Veteran's armor + Sequoia. It is unknown how he got to 7023, but it's possible a time rift happened. In 7023, he joined a band of a unknown amount of humans based in Equestria, South Africa, and fought in a war. Eventually, he was sent back in time to recruit help.


Ace first met Doug Rattmann, under the name Rephlex Twenty. He got Doug to fix the Spruce Goose, and this Jackal he found from Egypt. After that, he met Wind Whistler, who redirected him to Dusk Gleam. Soon, he told Doug and Dusk that his evil self threatened Equestria. After killing 6 followers (One was killed by his evil self), he killed his evil self, and took his armor and shotgun. After that, he met more ponies, like Lemon Tart (who also took his virginity^). He also moved to the Underground Bunker in Beijing

^It's possible that Ace made clones of himself to keep his virginity, as he 'mysteriously' lost his Irish accent during the Doug RPs.


  • He is NOT related to Aran Ryan, just because they're Irish, very flexible, have a height of 6'1, and have sisters.
  • His favorite alcohol is Smirnoff's.


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